Possibly the best tanning tablets on the market today


Are you like thousands of other people who just can’t seem to go through life without a deep, dark tan?  Are you always looking for tanning products or techniques that you can use to not only achieve your dark tanned body, but keep it tanned year after year?  Have you tried various tanning products only to be disappointed?  If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, then worry no more.  Rio Tanning Tablets are here!!  These amazing, innovative tanning tablets afford users the benefits of achieving a beautiful dark tanned body without having to experience the many dangers, side effects and risks of other tanning products and techniques.

Tanning in the direct sunlight, as we all know, is extremely dangerous and harmful to your body and health.  Statistics have proven and revealed that direct UV rays of the sun contribute to the highest percentage of skin cancer cases every year.  Tanning beds, tanning lamps and a wide range of other tanning products present with many of the same dangers and risks.  However, in today’s world, the newest tanning product has proven to be not only effective and successful, but incredibly safe as well. What is that product? The answer is simple, sun tanning tablets.


The Benefits of our Rio Tanning Tablets

Tanning tablets are easy, effective, safe, and affordable.  These tablets contain all natural organic substances and are FDA approved.  They cause no harmful side effects or dangers, and certainly do not contribute to any type of skin cancer at all.  As a matter of fact, our Rio Sun Tanning Tablets have proven to be beneficial to the body in a variety of other ways as well.  They assist with weight loss, aging skin, and even memory loss.  Their active ingredients have proven to be every bit as safe as they are effective and are now one of the most sought after tanning products in the industry today.

If a year round tanned body is what is important to you then look no further than our state of the art, highly effective and quality sun tanning tablets.  Simply take your tanning tablets each day and in time begin to see the amazing results.  Again, they present with no harmful side effects or risk factors and do, indeed, deliver top of the line tanning results each time, every time.


These sun tanning tablets help in the stimulation and production of melanin in the body, which is accountable for producing the pigmentation necessary to achieve a natural looking tanned body.  The process is a simple, natural coloring of the skin that eventually presents with a beautiful, healthy bronzed appearance.

If you are in search of the best all round provider of tanning tablets here in the UK, then your search ends here.  For more information about our company, our spa, and our superior Rio Tanning Tablets simply click here.  Make certain to get your supply of these tanning tablets today and you are sure to find yourself well on the way of achieving all your tanning goals.

RAD 140 explained in depth


Performance enhancing drugs can be an essential part of a bodybuilding tool kit, helping you to achieve results that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

However, if you’re apprehensive about the potential side effects of anabolic steroids, you might want to consider RAD140, one of the newest SARMs to hit the market.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – SARMs – offer a powerful boost to performance, increasing muscle and stripping back fat without all of the nasty problems which can accompany steroids.

Here’s a closer look at the latest hot development: RAD140.


RAD140, also known as Testolone, is one of the newest SARMs to be developed and has created quite a buzz with its potential.


The drug doesn’t yet have a full license for use but it’s expected to eventually be given the green light to treat conditions such as androgen deficiency, muscle wasting diseases and sarcopenia. The extra advantage that RAD140 Testolone seems to offer is also a degree of neuro-protective qualities too, helping to minimize the symptoms of an existing disease or prevent one from developing.

Not many drugs hold the potential to offer such advantages on both a neurological and muscular level, so the hype around it is very justified.

Within bodybuilding, although RAD140 would offer some lean gains, it’s not really going to add a huge amount to a bulking cycle. Its real advantage comes with its ability to shred fat while simultaneously preventing catabolism, and even adding lean muscle tissue too.

How to use RAD 140

At present, RAD140 testolone seems to be completely free of significant side effects when used at the dosing range of 20-30mg per day. This is typically in a liquid form so avoids the need for injections.

The half life is short so RAD140 needs to be taken daily for the best results.

There’s no links to androgenic effects, including hair loss, which means that this drug can be used by women without virilization occurring. It also won’t aromatise, so bloating and the dreaded gynecomastia won’t be an issue either.

Although it can be very effective when used on its own as part of a cutting cycle, RAD140 can also be included in a stack. One of the alternate uses is to counteract the effects of a particularly androgenic steroid, reducing possible problems.

Like many other SARMs, the effect of RAD140 on testosterone production is far less harsh than anabolic steroids yet there is still an impact. It’s therefore recommended to carry out PCT following a cycle. You may not need a full PCT cycle, and many men find supplementing with Clomid is sufficient.

RAD140 remains a very new drug and more information is being discovered about its potential regularly so this will be one to keep a close eye on.

Essential Guide To Clenbuterol


What is Clenbuterol?

Bodybuilding is about adding sheer mass and muscle, but it also means stripping away every last shred of fat. Clenbuterol is able to help you shed the fat and helps maintain muscle.

It’s this fat burning which really emphasises the definition in the muscles, but it can be difficult to achieve even for the most disciplined athletes.

There’s lots of different drugs which can help with fat burning, and Clenbuterol is a popular one in the bodybuilding community because of its powerful effects. Here’s the essential guide to Clenbuterol with everything you need to know.


clenbuterolClenbuterol is a type of sympathomimetic which are types of stimulants which interact with the receptors in the body.

More specifically a beta-2 receptor agonist, Clenbuterol is used medically for asthma and respiratory conditions because it has such a strong bronchodilative effect.

However, as well as having a marked effect on the lungs, Clenbuterol also works on the beta-2 receptors in the body, which results in loss of fat. It works by raising the base metabolic rate as well as shrinking hunger pangs so you won’t feel so hungry while you’re on a cutting diet.

This fat burning effect is increased further by the effect of Clenbuterol on the cardiovascular system, helping to boost circulation and heighten the delivery of oxygen which improves aerobic capacity.

An added benefit is that while being extremely potent in burning fat, the drug also protects muscle mass preventing catabolism. This makes it very valuable in the weeks immediately prior to a competition.

What you need to know about Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol can either be taken on its own or in a stack but it must be introduced gradually to avoid potentially fatal side effects. When titrated gently, most individuals avoid any significant problems other than cramping.

This cramping is caused by a loss of taurine, an amino acid, which results in abnormal nerve signals being sent to the muscles. Taking a taurine supplement during a Clenbuterol cycle can help to prevent this problem.

A dose of 120-160mcg per day for men and 80-100mcg per day for women are the effective fat burning levels and this is administered orally, most commonly by pills. The half life is 37 hours so Clen should be taken every day, preferably in the morning.

There’s no androgenic or oestrogenic effects to taking this drug. That means that it won’t cause virilization in women and PCT following a cycle is not required for men.

Its ability as a fat burner means that it’s best utilised during a cutting cycle although it is possible to use it during bulking to minimize any acquisition of fat. However, it’s generally not included in bulking cycles because of the minimal benefits for the cost.

Get the facts

For a more comprehensive overview of Clenbuterol and other performance enhancing drugs, visit www.wrathlabs.net and browse through the library of free factsheets available.

Tan tablets is now the most safe way to gain a tan!

Everybody of every age knows the damage that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can do to our skin.  The sun can cause everything from wrinkles and fine lines to skin cancer.  However, so many people put so much stock into their tanned bodies that they fail to recognize and give attention to the various dangers of sun tanning.  Besides lying out in the direct sunlight, there are various others resources for obtaining a bronzed tan including sun tanning lamps and tanning beds.  Further, there are a wide range of tanning oils, lotions, creams and pills on the market today used for obtaining a glowing sun tan.
safe-tanningWith so many products available today, it can be somewhat challenging and confusing to decide upon the product that is suited to your individual needs and affords you a safe tanning method while protecting you safe from the damaging sun.  Research has proven that sun tanning pills not only work, but are safer to use than tanning beds, tanning lamps and the direct sunlight.   The active ingredients in tanning pills are pigments that present with a range of yellow to red colors that, when they interact with Melanin, a brown pigment that normally determines the color of our skin and is also accountable for tanning, develops and delivers a natural looking, glowing tanned look.

Why are Tan Tablets Safe?

Tanning tablets are proven to be a safe tanning method for acquiring a sun tanned look.  To begin with tanning tablets do not damage your skin.  Getting a typical tan normally involves exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun by way of tanning beds, tanning lamps and direct exposure to the sun.  The UV rays of the sun do, in fact, produce a tan but they also cause premature aging of the skin and cause a wrinkled and rough look to the skin’s surface.  In addition, they increase the risk of skin cancer whereas tanning tablets do not increase the cancer risk.  Tanning tablets also produce a very natural looking tan over time and present with no horrible side effects like that of UV rays.


Tanning tablets are also a preferred method of tanning over self-tanning creams and lotions because they alleviate all the mess that typically comes along with applying fake tans.  In addition, many of the top brands of tanning tablets, such as Spa Tanning Tablets use only FDA approved ingredients which make them remarkably safe and natural as well and help to make them a favorite tanning choice by many individuals.  Tanning tablets work with your body naturally and because they are organic in composition they also offer consumers a variety of other health benefits as well.

If you are determined to acquire a natural looking tan without exposing your skin to direct UV rays from the sun then research tells us that the use of tanning tablets is by far, not only an effective way to develop your tan, but indeed a safe and even healthy way of acquiring that perfect tanned body any time of year.