About Us

Hi, my name is Matt and welcome to my website.

I have started this website about health and fitness supplements because it’s a huge passion. I have been lifting weights for many years now and in that time I hit my genetic potential.

Genetic potential is a ceiling that your body will never ever overcome naturally. Simply put, I had gained as much muscle as I could and reached the point where my body refused to grow more.

This filled me with great pride because most people will never get to this stage as they begin taking supplements way to early. In my opinion, you should only think about taking steroids or SARMs once you have reached your genetic limit to help you break through the barrier.

To reach your genetic limit it’s going to take unbelievable commitment. I have eaten 6 meals per day and trained 5 days per week consistently for 13 years now. This is what it will take to reach this point.

I started taking steroids and other supplements in 2014. The first cycle I ran was a simple test e 500mg per week cycle. I ran this for 12 weeks and the results blew me away.

I gained 7lbs of solid muscle which is an incredible amount for someone who has been a natty lifter for a long time. I have run most steroids now as well as a few SARMs.

I want to share with you all the knowledge that I have. Most of this information is from other reputable sources but some will be from my own personal experiences.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the site.