RAD 140 explained in depth


Performance enhancing drugs can be an essential part of a bodybuilding tool kit, helping you to achieve results that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

However, if you’re apprehensive about the potential side effects of anabolic steroids, you might want to consider RAD140, one of the newest SARMs to hit the market.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – SARMs – offer a powerful boost to performance, increasing muscle and stripping back fat without all of the nasty problems which can accompany steroids.

Here’s a closer look at the latest hot development: RAD140.


RAD140, also known as Testolone, is one of the newest SARMs to be developed and has created quite a buzz with its potential.


The drug doesn’t yet have a full license for use but it’s expected to eventually be given the green light to treat conditions such as androgen deficiency, muscle wasting diseases and sarcopenia. The extra advantage that RAD140 Testolone seems to offer is also a degree of neuro-protective qualities too, helping to minimize the symptoms of an existing disease or prevent one from developing.

Not many drugs hold the potential to offer such advantages on both a neurological and muscular level, so the hype around it is very justified.

Within bodybuilding, although RAD140 would offer some lean gains, it’s not really going to add a huge amount to a bulking cycle. Its real advantage comes with its ability to shred fat while simultaneously preventing catabolism, and even adding lean muscle tissue too.

How to use RAD 140

At present, RAD140 testolone seems to be completely free of significant side effects when used at the dosing range of 20-30mg per day. This is typically in a liquid form so avoids the need for injections.

The half life is short so RAD140 needs to be taken daily for the best results.

There’s no links to androgenic effects, including hair loss, which means that this drug can be used by women without virilization occurring. It also won’t aromatise, so bloating and the dreaded gynecomastia won’t be an issue either.

Although it can be very effective when used on its own as part of a cutting cycle, RAD140 can also be included in a stack. One of the alternate uses is to counteract the effects of a particularly androgenic steroid, reducing possible problems.

Like many other SARMs, the effect of RAD140 on testosterone production is far less harsh than anabolic steroids yet there is still an impact. It’s therefore recommended to carry out PCT following a cycle. You may not need a full PCT cycle, and many men find supplementing with Clomid is sufficient.

RAD140 remains a very new drug and more information is being discovered about its potential regularly so this will be one to keep a close eye on.